Minggu, 10 April 2016


This is donuts green tea not green-tee, because it's rounded shape not square.
BTW Spogebob has square shape just like dictionary book. Then i just curious, how come spongebob being a sponge and living under water and maintains the same square shape?

Well, i want to be in amazing shape, but also donuts exist. So, i ended up eating a lot of donuts. If only i can endure my appetite. 
Donuts is delicious but no one can beat the taste of cireng. Seriously, it's not because donuts is more pricey than cireng, but its more like the taste itself. I'm being sincere, and i'm talkin' the truth.
The weird  things is how come cireng can easily make me full, more than donuts. Nya mereun cireng geunyal teu sapartos donat. tapi da kumahanya abi mah sok panasaran naha cireng meni kuatka enak pisan. Except cireng abi oge resep cilor, cilok.

I make this post mostly because I'm bored,so if you read this post you are wasting your time. gapeting soalnya dan sekarang udah jam 1 kurang dan wa capruk

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